About us

SHIRE AND CARRIAGE HORSES  specialises in providing Shire Horses and services of a Traditional Jobmaster who, historically would have owned horses, vehicles and harness and hired them out to individuals and companies.

Providing Shire Horses for any occasion.


Shire And Carriage Horses was established by Steve Ledsham to provide the services of a traditional Jobmaster who, historically would have owned horses, vehicles and harness and hired them out to individuals and companies. Steve has been involved with working horses since the early 1970’s and has the expertise to train and work horses in all the various fields associated with the working horse. In 1999 Shire And Carriage Horses took on the contract to provide the  Horse and Livestock interpretation at The Ironbridge Gorge Museum’s Victorian Town at Blists Hill, a contract that we still hold today. 

Shire And Carriage Horses have provided Shire Horses for Film and Television work including work on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt, The Great Ship, Antique Roadshow, Victorian Farm and Celebrity Masterchef, and for Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge and Guy Martin - How Britain Worked. Our Corporate and Promotional work has included work for Higsons Brewery, Hanby Ales and The Ironbridge Brewery and for the Liverpool Blue Coat School. We also provide Shire Horses for Weddings and Funerals. Our Shire Horse Experience Days have been a great success, giving customers the chance to handle and drive our magnificent Shires. 

Steve is a Member of Council for The Shire Horse Society and, in that role , regularly supports the Society”s  promotional events, including BBC Countryfile Live and The Society’s Heavy Horse Camp. He was awarded a 30 year Long Service Medal in 2013. As a judge on the Panels of the Shire, Percheron and Suffolk Horse Societies, Steve is regularly invited to judge at shows at home and overseas. He has judged at The National Shire Horse Show and at The Royal Queensland Show in Brisbane, Australia.

Meet Our Shires


Casey is the Star of our company. He is a very experienced Senior gelding. He is used mainly for our Shire Horse Experience Days, Film Work, Weddings and Blists Hill Museum.


Bernie is our very experienced gelding. He likes working alongside Casey, who is his mentor and friend. They have been working together in many interesting places,  including London, Liverpool and Beamish Museum.


George is our 12 years old gelding. He started a successful career at Blists Hill Victorian Town in 2019. He spends most of the time there, working at a single turnout.


Edward is a young gelding who is being trained for work. He is progressing nicely and is very promissing.